1. Practical information for tandem jumps

You are expected at the dropzone at the hour specified during the booking. Please allow for enough time as we are dependent on the Belgian weather.
Clothing: comfortable trousers, sweater, t-shirt and solid (track) shoes. Take warm gloves in winter.

* Minimum age: 12 years (minors need a written parents’ consent)
* Maximum passenger weight: 95 kg
* No alcohol prior to jumping
* No medical certificate needed

2. Practical information for first jump course AFF

You need to be present at the hangar on the dropzone of Skydive Flanders at 09.00 on Saturday. In Zwartberg some courses already begin on Friday at 18.00.

Please bring with you
* Medical certificate from a doctor stating that you are “fit for parachuting”
* Minors need to take with them a signed parents’ consent, allowing them to jump
* The money for the course you are about to take
* Clothing: comfortable trousers, sweater, t-shirt and solid (track) shoes.

Course agenda
The course always takes place, regardless of the weather. The jump is only made when the weather allows it to be done safely.
The course starts when the administration is done. The course contains both classroom sessions and practical exercises. Several breaks are foreseen. At the end of the course you take a written multiple choice test to check whether you understood all essential parts of the course.
At the end of the afternoon, the course is finished. When the weather and circumstances allow it, we go ahead for the jump. If on the contrary the circumstances do not allow it, the jump is postponed to the next jumpable day.

As the medical certificate only remains valid for three months, the jump has to be executed maximum 3 months after the course. If not a new certificate needs to be provided and a new jump course has to be followed.

3. Rules to be respected by visitors at the dropzone

Visitors, family friends and other supporters of tandem passengers and jump students are very welcome at the drop zone. They are to respect the safety guidelines at the drop zone.


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